Rolling Roof System


  • Retractable and motorized system will allow you to create a perfect shade in your place.
  • Systems Bioclimatic panels, 36 cm width, protects the building from overheating, limits using of air conditioning unit, breathes in fresh air, let rain runs off even you can half open it and reflects the daylight perfectly.
  • Each panel has carried by wheels.
  • Aluminum Panels wall thickness is 2 mm, Gutter Profile wall thickness is 4 mm, and Top Rail Profile wall thickness is 5mm.
  • Systems horizontal carriers placed maximum 300 cm.
  • System works with %5 tilt.
  • 80m² area operated by just one motor.
  • System has water drainage. Panels are designed as built-in drainpipes profiles. Each profile has its own gutters to carry rain through the main gutter.
  • System set up without steel construction.
  • Makrowin`s patented product.
  • All accessories and profiles are stainless.
  • Carriers (posts) are 100×200 or 100×150 Special Aluminum Profiles.
  • System is available for lightening and heating mounting


“Makrowin brings many innovation about Glazing Balcony Systems in Turkey and has the widest dealer network of industry has become one of the companies. Manufactured to international quality standards”