Ege System


  • System weight is 23–26 kg / m2.
  • System maximum height is 2500 mm.
  • System maximum width for each panel is 620 mm.
  • Glasses are 8 mm tempered.
  • System`s panel diameter is 31mm. Each panel carried by 4 double-wheel.
  • Panel`s coverages are adjustable and can be applied for every angle.
  • System`s stoper locks the panels while they are open.
  • PVC Corner bracket for 90 degree has advantages for installation.
  • 45 degree wedges us efor cornes.
  • Weatherstrips are used in cases.
  • H-shaped gasket is used. It minimizes risk of taking water.
  • Carrier bracket is foldable.
  • Espagnolette Lock is available. (Optional)



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